When Your Ex Ignores You What Should You Do Next?

Published: 16th February 2010
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Are you trying to get your ex back but your ex is ignoring you? Perhaps you have called your ex several time and he/she simply refuses to pick up the phone. He/she doesn't even bother to return your call.

Therefore, you decided to try text messages or even email. But no matter what, you just didn't receive any reply.

Well, when your ex ignores you, you should take it as a signal that he/she is still not ready to talk to you. Therefore, he/she chooses to avoid you for the time being. You should respect his/her decision. Give your ex some time, space and privacy.

Don't try to call your ex umpteen times every day. Don't try to send lots of text messages. Don't try to flood his inbox will all your emails. This will only make the whole situation worse. Your ex will feel extremely annoyed and irritated.

When your ex ignores you, it simply means you should wait. This is especially true if the break up just happen recently.

Here is a recommened schedule for calling your ex. During thre first month of breaking up, try not to contact him/her. This is becuase both of you will need this precious time to recover from the break up pain.

After one month, you can start to contact your ex. If your ex did not pick up the phone, don't despair. Just assume that he/she is not around to pick up the phone. You can always call back a few days later. Don't call a second time immediately. You do not want to appear desperate or needy. Who knows, your ex may become curious about why you are calling. He/she may start calling you instead.

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Stop Breakup Video

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