How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend to Miss You – Controversial Tactics

Published: 17th June 2010
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How to get your ex boyfriend to miss you? If you want to get your ex boyfriend to miss you, it is important to understand that human beings want what they do not have.

What does this mean? It means if people know they can get something easily, they will tend to take it for granted. This is just human nature. Similarly, if they think they cannot get something desirable easily, they will desire it more.

Therefore, in order to get your ex boyfriend to miss you, you need to work with human nature, not against it. Working against human nature will only make things more difficult for you.

For example, if you keep on chasing your ex boyfriend, keep on calling him and pestering him, he will try to avoid you more. This is because he knows he can easily get you back anytime he wants. There is really no urgency for him to chase you back.

However, if you do something controversial, the situation will become different. Instead of being around him all the time, withdraw from him. Cut off all contact.

Your boyfriend will start to realize that something is wrong. Somehow something is missing. Then he will realize that you are not chasing after him anymore.

In fact, you cannot expect your boyfriend to miss you when you are near him all the time. The truth is, people only start missing someone when someone is out of sight. Besides giving your boyfriend the chance to start missing you, you are also preserving your dignity by not chasing him and letting him chase you instead.

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