How to Get Him Back After He Dumps You and Make Him Chase You Instead

Published: 17th June 2010
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If you are wondering how to get him back after he dumps you, then it is very useful to understand something about human psychology. Ultimately, human beings are emotional creatures. When you know how to press the right button, you will ultimately get the result you want.

First, you need to understand the fact the human being want what they cannot have. If they think it is harder to get certain things, they will want it more. Of course, the reverse is also very true.

If they think it is easy to get certain things, they will tend to take it for granted. In other words, people want some challenges.

That is why if you want to get your boyfriend back, you should not do the chasing. It will be much more effective if you let him do the chasing.

As long as you keep chasing him, he will know that you are easy to get and he will start to take you for granted and will lose his interest of you.

So, instead of pestering him or clinging on to him, it will be much better for you to beat a retreat. Stop contacting him. Let him wonder what you are doing.

When you stop contacting him, 2 things happen. First, he will begin to wonder why you are not contacting him any more. Second, he will begin to be afraid of losing you since he realize that you are not that into him anymore.

I know all these sound illogical and controversial. However, do you really think human beings are logical creatures in the first place?
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