How to Get a Girl Back After a Break Up – How Jason Got His Girlfriend Back

Published: 23rd June 2010
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Are you wondering how to get a girl back after a break up? This is a very common problem. Many guys find it hard to get their girl back after breaking up. Let me share with you Jason's story and hopefully, it can help you get your girlfriend back.

Jason was dumped by his girlfriend a few months ago. Eventually, he did manage to get back together with his girlfriend but it wasn't an easy journey. He suffered a lot of heart breaks along the way.

Initially, when Jason was dumped, he was extremely upset, just like most guys would. Therefore, he started to do a lot of silly things. He started calling his girlfriend hundreds of times per day. He started sending her hundreds of emails. He started sending his girlfriend hundreds of text messages.

Obviously, Jason didn't manage to get his girlfriend back by doing that. In fact, he ended up pushing his girlfriend further away. This is simply desperation. It is impossible to get a girlfriend back with desperation.

Eventually, Jason realized his mistakes. He realized that he is losing his dignity and his girlfriend is losing respect for him. He realized that he must change his strategy.

Therefore, he stopped pursuing her. Instead, he sent her a very friendly letter. In the letter, he apologizes for all the crazy things he has done. He also agree with her that the break up was the best option for them at that time.

He told her that he still regard her as a very good friend and would like to catch up with her again some day. He wished her all the best.

After Jason sent the letter, the whole situation was turn around. His girlfriend started to chase after him because she realized that she may lose him anytime. Eventually, they managed to get back together.
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