How Do I Get My Ex Boyfriend to Miss Me – The Easiest Way

Published: 23rd March 2010
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Getting an ex boyfriend back is not easy and you probably want to know every tip and trick that will help facilitate you to win your boyfriend back.

Obviously, it will be great if you can make your ex boyfriend miss you. By doing so, you have at least won the first battle.

But how can you make your boyfriend miss you?

Well, that's easy. You must allow it. You must give him a reason to miss you. This means you may need to stop doing a lot of things.

For example, if you are constantly contacting or going out with him, you need to stop doing all those things now. Ultimately, you cannot expect your ex boyfriend to miss you if he still sees you and hear from you every now and then right?

The easiest way to get your ex boyfriend to miss you is to start disappearing from his life. If you have been calling him regulalry, your boyfriend will begin to wonder what you are doing and why have you stopped contacting him. Naturally, he will start to miss you as well as all the attention you used to be giving him.

Of course, you should also live life meaningfully. Be happy and cheerful. Most likely, your boyfriend may try to find out more about you through mutual friends. When he knows you are so strong and so emotionally matured, he will miss you more and may even regret his decision of breaking up with you.

In fact, this will also make you appear more mysterious to your ex boyfriend, which may arouse his interest in you again.
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